Happy new year everyone!!! I would like to wish the readers and guests of this blog a very happy new year and warm wishes for the year ahead. From my side, I want to thank everyone who has visited and commented on this blog and I hope that we can continue with our fruitful relationship.

As you can see, I have embarked on revamping the blog and making it a more interactive place. The year ahead promises more good things for Future Capital Kenya. The blog will have guest authors share their views on a range of topics from business, finance, politics and even sports and their effect on shaping the future of Kenya's economy. There will be news reviews about the latest topics in the world of business and finance with  independent analysis encompassing a different nuance to the issues. The blog will also have periodic book reviews and recommendations. This I hope will be a super interactive section where future business leaders and opinion makers will have the opportunity to share their favourite books and even write reviews about them.

From your end, I hope that you as the reader and follower can share the blog with as many people as possible and help make a community of keen minds who want to see a different Kenya.

Thanks a bunch guys and happy new year once more. Please leave comments about the new look, I would greatly appreciate that.